Saturday, 26 August 2017

According to the Daily Stormer crew on Gab,

"Stormfront just got its domain jacked by Network Solutions. It's all coming down soon, eventually even Gab. "

"Stormfront just got their domain stolen. And lol, they were paying Network Solutions an absurd amount of money to not fuck them and they still got fucked.

Who's next, I wonder? "


  1. As I've said before, we are being warred upon and this will happen everywhere. You surely didn't imagine that, in the process of enslaving or even eventually eradicating the white race, through either genocide or miscegenation, that the enemy within would ignore sources of information and truth as their targets? This is why the personal, one-to-one, face-to-face communication, and a certain amount of discretion, will be essential. The larger public is aware of certain facts now that were hitherto obscured, and the enemy, confident of victory, is proceeding too quickly. The situation is not as dire as it seems but steadfastness, calmness, truthful speech and measured action are essential. The Truth will win in the end; we may not live to see it, this could take generations, even centuries, but it will happen.

    1. In a few generations, brown people will be the majority.

    2. CZ: As history has shown, numbers alone do not determine the outcome of any conflict, violent or intellectual. Leave some room for the unexpected. I read comments on quite a few newspapers, in Britain and the US; contrary to the jewish mantra, readers are aware of what is happening, they don't have the full picture but they are angry and history often throws up a leader at the most unexpected times. We have to keep working away at exposing the enemy's machinations and thinking process and filling in what are to us the all too obvious gaps in this unfolding scenario. People are more receptive now, as these restrictions, and economic reality, kick in. Once the link, theologically, politically and culturally, is established in people's minds between judaism and islam, what now appears a certainty to our enemies, will begin to crack and that is when the real possibility to alter and change the present course will arise.

  2. Oh but this is good. You can never unsee the truth. The enemy is trying desperately to bring you back to the electric jew. Their funny monies running out now.
    In the long term, this closing will clamp down not on dissent but on the safety valve. Now that Whites cannot vent their anger and frustration, it will build, until it must boil over.
    The dumb schlomo retard is ramping up the violence and closing the safety valve. SWEET. I couldn't have planned this better myself.